Create Your Binance Smart Chain Token!

ToGen is the fastest & cheapest way to create your own cryptocurrency. You can create an awesome cryptocurrency with the BSC token generator app.
BEP20 Compliant
Customize Name & Symbol
Customize Decimals
Renounceable Ownership
And many more features...
121 tokens were created successfully with ToGen Coin Builder!

What is ToGen Coin?

ToGen Coin is the utility token of our BSC cryptocurrency generator platform. You'll pay with TOGENs when you create your coin with using our app.
Total Supply
Buy & Sell Fee
Dev Wallet

How to Create Your Own Token?

It was difficult to create a new cryptocurrency. But with ToGen, anyone can create a new cryptocurrency in 3 easy steps.
1) Buy $TOGEN from PancakeSwap.
You should swap your BNB with $TOGEN because you'll need it to pay for the token. Don't worry, we also offer free token package!
2) Open the app and set the details.
You can customize all details of your token. Token name, symbol, decimals and all other things...
3) Your cryptocurrency is ready.
Yes, it's done! The contract address will appear on the screen. You may add your token to PancakeSwap to make it swappable.
ToGen Roadmap
We know that transparency is really important for you. Therefore, we share the development process of the project here.
Token Website Development
Telegram Group Creation
Token Contract Development
Token PancakeSwap Listing
CoinHunt & CoinSniper Listing
Token Generator App
Token Management Panel
ETH & MATIC Chain Support
CMC & CoinGecko Applications
Shilling & Advertisements
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the purpose of $TOGEN?
$TOGEN is a utility token for ToGen cryptocurrency generator platform. TOGEN holders will be able to create a new cryptocurrency with using TOGENs.
Do you offer free trial?
Yes, you don't need to pay for testing our service. You can create a simple cryptocurrency by holding more than 100,000 TOGEN (a few bucks) in your wallet.
How can I buy $TOGEN?
$TOGEN is on the Binance Smart Chain network. Because of that, you need to use PancakeSwap to buy it. Please read our documents if you don't know how to use it.
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