Token Builder Tool (BETA)
Please connect your wallet to use the DAPP. Token Builder supports MetaMask & Trust Wallet.
Connected Wallet:
Please read our documents before creating a new token.

Token Network:

Only Binance Smart Chain is supported at the moment. Ethereum & Polygon network support will be integrated soon.
Basic Details
Pro Tip: Name and symbol are the most important details of the token. Make sure you choose a good name and symbol.
Other Details
Pricing Information
Feature Cost
Core Features 0 TOGEN
Customize Decimals 30,000 TOGEN
Customize Initial Supply 40,000 TOGEN
Minting Function 50,000 TOGEN
Burning Function 50,000 TOGEN
Token Recovery Function 70,000 TOGEN
Blacklisting Function 150,000 TOGEN
Pausing Function 150,000 TOGEN
Max TX Limit Function 150,000 TOGEN
Total Cost 0 TOGEN
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